Designing Life

A Soul designs the plan for a lifetime and the personality interprets and attempts to apply the plan to both internal and external reality. We can create our lives by design or by default. Following the Soul’s blueprint we enhance the elegance, beauty, wisdom, grace and power of our experience. Living a balanced existence depends on the proper use of pacing, rhythms, patience, passion, desires, persistence and the willingness to be guided. If you feel that your life is running you, then the active/forming/building energies are too strong. They are not in synch with the gestating/absorbing/taking apart energies. If you can’t seem to get your life going, then it is the reverse. By learning to implement, in balance, the principles of forming and releasing, which are the foundation for “reading the Soul’s design,” we can create a satisfying, invigorating, beautiful and powerful lifetime for ourselves.

Have you ever felt that even after all of the processing and clearing, you’re still back at “square one”? Consciousness is cyclical and evolutional changes occur in large spirals. Emotional collapse and negative attitudes create tension and disrupt our movement along the spiral of consciousness. This disruption minimizes happiness, joy and pleasure in our energy fields. When instead of resisting, we change our intentions to be in alignment with the spiral, we then create ease in the processing of everyday life. That change is accomplished by noticing when it is time to push, and when it is time to let go, when to persevere, and when to relax and recharge. Trust your own intuition here! And a good clue could be: 
  • Do you want to push out of fear, or need for control, or lower desire? Or is it your true Self who has generated the momentum and you only need to step up to the plate with courage?
  • Do you want to let go out of fear, or belief in your unworthiness and inability to proceed? Or is it your Soul-Self that is guiding you to release and let Spirit provide?
Every single experience is a teaching from the Soul. Out of myriad possibilities, each event that occurs in a day has an exact lesson for us. The answers to all of our questions are imprinted in our daily experience. Dive below what appears on the surface and decode your personal wisdom by looking within, by choosing to spend time focusing on yourself internally in order to resonate more deeply with your Soul! Expand beyond the literal interpretation of events into the spherical big picture of “why things happen.” 

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